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What’s Your Self-Management Age?

Take our quiz to find out what you self management age is! Are you a good listener? Know how to learn a new skill?
All of these questions are taken from the videos in our We Have Choices curriculum.

Thank you for taking our quiz!…

Northwest PBIS Network Conference Starts Monday

IRIS Educational Media is proud to see one of our own staff members, Claudia Vincent, give two presentations at the 2015 NorthWest PBIS Network Fall Conference this year.

The 2015 Fall Network Conference, presented by

Claudia will be presenting on Classroom Management in Action, a program that uses a data driven approach to improving classroom climate and the learning environment in a positive way.…

My Problem with Bully Prevention

Get Along
We Have Choices!

As we begin the start of another school year I have been reflecting on something one of my colleagues asked, “Why don’t we have any training programs on bullying? Nothing in our We Have Skills! or We Have Choices!

We Have Choices! Self-Management for School Success

Children need to learn math and reading so that they’re able to do well on tests. But are academic subjects the most important things for kids to learn in school? Recent research tells us that social skills may have a bigger effect on students’ long-term success in school and in life.…