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Safety Preparedness

It is important to review the safety procedures at your school a few times a year. This includes reminding staff and teaching students about the procedures, and practicing lockdown drills, fire drills and disaster drills. Each school and district is different, so your procedures will vary, but there is one constant thing to remember: all threats should be taken seriously.…

Managing Threats Part 3: Preventing Violence and Creating Safe Schools

Part 3: School Staff- What to Do to Respond to Threats

School staff work hard to make sure that students feel safe at school. But unfortunately, while deaths occurring in schools are rare, school violence is on the increase.
PBSEverythingElem9Threats are a good indication that future violence may occur.…

Managing Threats Part 2: Preventing Violence and Creating Safe Schools

Part 2: Setting Up Protocols


Another school shooting. More children killed and wounded.

This time it happened in Marysville, Washington, but it could happen anywhere, in any state, in any town. There have been 87 shootings in America’s schools in the past 18 months.

Managing Threats: Preventing Violence and Creating Safe Schools

The Centers for Disease Control did a nationally representative survey in 2011 to see how much violence occurs in schools. Twenty percent of students in grades 9-12 reported that they had been bullied, 7.4% were threatened or injured with a weapon, and 12% were in a physical fight on school property in the 12 months before the survey.…