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What’s Your Self-Management Age?

Take our quiz to find out what you self management age is! Are you a good listener? Know how to learn a new skill?
All of these questions are taken from the videos in our We Have Choices curriculum.

Thank you for taking our quiz!…

Color Your Favorite Characters and Win!

Announcing Our First Coloring Contest!


IRIS Educational Media is proud to present our very first coloring contest, featuring our We Have Skills characters. These seven animal friends help students ages 4-8 practice social skills.

Here are the rules for the coloring contest:

  1. Download the coloring sheets featuring the We Have Skills animal friends.

My Problem with Bully Prevention

Get Along
We Have Choices!

As we begin the start of another school year I have been reflecting on something one of my colleagues asked, “Why don’t we have any training programs on bullying? Nothing in our We Have Skills! or We Have Choices!

5 Ways to Teach Children Social Skills

A recently published study indicates that children who learn social skills in kindergarten are more likely to be successful as adults. Getting along, listening and helping others are some of the skills that can be taught from a young age and can lead to self-management, healthy relationships, and responsibility in adulthood.…

We Have Skills! Meets the Highest Research Standards

What it would be like if all your students knew how to listen and follow directions? What if you could spend less time correcting annoying behaviors like talking in class and spend more time teaching?

Mr. Lopez leads the We Have Skills class
Mr. Lopez leads the We Have Skills class

We Have Skills!