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When Things Get Out of Control

Managing Escalating Behavior

By Meme Hieneman and Milissa Yeagley

Liam’s grandfather needed a few things at the home improvement store and decided to take his twelve year-old grandson, Liam, along. As they were walking through the store, Liam became anxious, highly-distracted, and noisy (i.e., making high-pitched sounds).…

Managing Threats Part 3: Preventing Violence and Creating Safe Schools

Part 3: School Staff- What to Do to Respond to Threats

School staff work hard to make sure that students feel safe at school. But unfortunately, while deaths occurring in schools are rare, school violence is on the increase.
PBSEverythingElem9Threats are a good indication that future violence may occur.…

Power of Prevention: Heading Off Difficult Behavior

In the past, children’s challenging behavior was typically addressed with consequences (usually punishment) imposed after the problem behavior occurred.  Parents, teachers, and other people supporting children with special needs are now starting to recognize the power of prevention. Preventive strategies make problem behavior unnecessary because the situations that set the stage for the problems (e.g., boredom, difficult tasks) have been anticipated and changed. …