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Prepared Parents – Research on a Spanish-Language Curriculum for Latino Parents

Many Latino families immigrate to the United States because they want better economic opportunities and education for their children. But the reality of life in the U.S. is challenging for Latino immigrants. They are affected by language barriers, poverty, trauma, immigration status, and legal issues.…

Help Us Win the Small Business Championship!

We need your votes to help us train teachers and parents.

IRIS Educational Media has entered the 2016 American Small Business Championships! This contest is sponsored by SCORE (of the Small Business Administration) and Sam’s Club.

We are thrilled to take part in this celebration of small businesses, and we would love your vote!…

What is School Readiness? A Program for Latino Parents: Padres Preparados

What is School Readiness? Head Start defines school readiness as: “…children are ready for school, families are ready to support their children’s learning, and schools are ready for children. Historically, Head Start often has led the early childhood field with a strong, clear, and comprehensive focus on all aspects of healthy development, including physical, cognitive, social and emotional development, all of which are essential to children getting ready for school.” (Head Start School Readiness FAQ)

IRIS_Padres_05_2013-003Here at IRIS Ed we are beginning work on an exciting new project called Padres Preparados (Prepared Parents) that will help Spanish-speaking Latino parents teach school readiness skills to their pre-school children enrolled in Head Start. …