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The Four Things You Need to Create a Good School

It’s a scenario that’s been posited before, many times: If you could start over–no residual assumptions–and build an ideal school from the ground up, what would you keep? What would you discard?

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My friend Sam Chaltain asked these questions recently, in his excellent blog and on Twitter. …

20 Suggestions to Make Learning Easier for Students with Autism

April Autism AwarenessMany educational approaches can significantly improve the quality of life of persons on the autism spectrum and their families. Interacting with children with autism at school can be a very enriching experience for all involved. Integration of a child with autism into the school community may help address the core deficits children with ASD have in social and communication development.…

12 Things to Remember when Working with Challenging Students

Let’s face it, some students are hard to work with for a litany of reasons. Maybe you are experiencing a challenging year in your classroom. Before you throw in the towel or give up hope, read this list of DOs and DON’Ts when encountering students who push you to the brink.

Standardized Testing and The Kids Who Get Left Behind

Some Students’ Achievements Mean Nothing to Educators Obsessed with Testing

My daughter Caroline is a bright, sweet, inquisitive thirteen year-old.  She also has autism.  Over the past seven years of school, Caroline has made amazing progress because she always been included in the general education classroom with the help of a 1:1 aide. …