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The Female Autism Crisis

How and why do bright autistic females fly under the professional radar?

2ScaredFemale autism is a new and complex area of research, with information in this area of autism growing exponentially. Both empirical studies and qualitative differences are starting to show that females ‘meet the diagnostic criteria’ in different ways from males.…

Preparing Kids for Kindergarten Works

Take notice, a movement is gaining momentum in our community. The movement is building a strong foundation for the future success of each child in Lane County, Oregon, particularly those at risk of falling behind their peers before they even reach kindergarten.…

My Problem with Bully Prevention

Get Along
We Have Choices!

As we begin the start of another school year I have been reflecting on something one of my colleagues asked, “Why don’t we have any training programs on bullying? Nothing in our We Have Skills! or We Have Choices!