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Meme Hieneman, Ph.D. BCBA, is a consultant working with agencies that support children and adults with significant behavioral challenges. She has a doctoral degree in Special Education and is a nationally certified behavior analyst. Meme has dedicated her career to making community-based, family-friendly applications of applied behavior analysis work for children with severe behavioral challenges in their homes, schools, and the community. She was the first director of Florida’s Positive Behavior Support Project in the schools and served as co-training coordinator for the National Research and Training Center on PBS. Meme has conducted research on factors affecting implementation of PBS in complex community settings and directed a 5-year study on parent education to prevent the escalation of severe behavior problems in young children and empower parents.

Avoiding Power Struggles

By Shane Isley, Kate Marshall, Sarah Fefer, & Meme Hieneman

After throwing away meat wrappers, Suzy asks her son David to take out the trash before she leaves the room to make a phone call.  When Suzy comes back, she finds that David has gone outside to play with his friends instead of taking out the trash.  The wrappers are torn apart and the trash has been spread out all over the kitchen floor by the family dog.…

Power of Prevention: Heading Off Difficult Behavior

In the past, children’s challenging behavior was typically addressed with consequences (usually punishment) imposed after the problem behavior occurred.  Parents, teachers, and other people supporting children with special needs are now starting to recognize the power of prevention. Preventive strategies make problem behavior unnecessary because the situations that set the stage for the problems (e.g., boredom, difficult tasks) have been anticipated and changed. …