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Meme Hieneman, Ph.D. BCBA, is a consultant working with agencies that support children and adults with significant behavioral challenges. She has a doctoral degree in Special Education and is a nationally certified behavior analyst. Meme has dedicated her career to making community-based, family-friendly applications of applied behavior analysis work for children with severe behavioral challenges in their homes, schools, and the community. She was the first director of Florida’s Positive Behavior Support Project in the schools and served as co-training coordinator for the National Research and Training Center on PBS. Meme has conducted research on factors affecting implementation of PBS in complex community settings and directed a 5-year study on parent education to prevent the escalation of severe behavior problems in young children and empower parents.

Can your Thoughts Impact your Child’s Behavior?

Have you ever been frustrated with your child’s behavior and found yourself thinking something like, “It really doesn’t matter what I do…my child is just not capable of understanding or behaving better,” or “I must not be a very good parent if I can’t handle this”?…

When Things Get Out of Control

Managing Escalating Behavior

By Meme Hieneman and Milissa Yeagley

Liam’s grandfather needed a few things at the home improvement store and decided to take his twelve year-old grandson, Liam, along. As they were walking through the store, Liam became anxious, highly-distracted, and noisy (i.e., making high-pitched sounds).…

Engaging Cooperation through Choice and Preference

By Shelley Clarke & Meme Hieneman

We’re going to begin this article by stating the obvious: “People perform better – and, in general, behave better – when they feel that they have some control over their circumstances and actions.”  This includes children with special needs, especially if their opportunities to exert this type of influence have been limited in the past. …