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Media Production Manager at IRIS Educational Media. Producer and video editor of educational videos for teachers, students, parents and direct support staff. Editor of IRIS Ed Focus blog. B.A. in Journalism ('94) and M.A. in Folklore/Video Production ('99) from the University of Oregon.

Every Girl Deserves an Education

Imagine living in a world where every girl can attend school. A world where every girl has the power to break the systems of dependence and abuse.  And a world where every girl has a chance to become self-sufficient and in charge of her future.…

We Have Skills! Meets the Highest Research Standards

What it would be like if all your students knew how to listen and follow directions? What if you could spend less time correcting annoying behaviors like talking in class and spend more time teaching?

Mr. Lopez leads the We Have Skills class
Mr. Lopez leads the We Have Skills class

We Have Skills!

Managing the Cycle of Acting-out Behavior

“Carl has been arguing with the teacher for several minutes about whether he needs to do his share of cleaning up his area before he goes to recess. The teacher finally gave him an ultimatum that if he doesn’t begin to help put things away he will have to do his share during recess (Carl loves recess).…