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Lisa Mims has taught for over 27 years! She is passionate about teaching and integrating technology into the classroom. She attended SUNY New Paltz and Brooklyn College, is married and mother of two boys. "Diary of a Public School Teacher is a blog where I share my thoughts about any aspect of the teaching profession. This is my education journey. It’s not research based, it’s just me living it! Join me on my journey!" ~Lisa Mims

How Can We #Rethink Discipline?

On July 22, 2015 educators gathered at the White House to Rethink School Discipline.

“The conference sought to advance the national conversation about reducing the overuse of unnecessary out of school suspensions and expulsions and replacing these practices with positive alternatives that keep students in school and engaged in learning, but also ensure accountability.”

As I participated in the Twitter conversation #rethinkdiscipline, I began to think about ways we could avoid reaching the point where we have to suspend students.…