Teacher Charlie Shows Kids How to Listen

listening skills

In our latest video on social skills for kids, we introduce Teacher Charlie! Teacher Charlie knows how to talk about listening. In this back to school season, listening and asking for help are a couple of the most important skills you can teach students. Watch how Teacher Charlie and her student Sadie explain to kids how to listen.

For more information about teaching social skills to elementary students, learn about our We Have Skills curriculum here.


How You Can Use This Video in Your Classroom

Teacher Charlie shows two shots of students in a classroom. Some are listening and some are not. Pause for the classroom to observe which ones are listening and ask them why.

Ask your students how they know they are listening, and remind them that listening is a skill they can practice to get better.

Teacher Charlie then asks how we can practice asking for help. You can have your students practice raising their hands. You can also ask them what sort of things they might need help with.

Please enjoy and share this video! Stay tuned for more videos celebrating back to school skills throughout September!