Padres Preparados is Ready for the World

We are just putting the finishing touches on our Padres Preparados curriculum. Translating to “prepared parents”, Padres Preparados is designed to engage parents in Latino families with their child’s early learning experience. Preschool-aged children succeed more when they learn routines, practice early reading lessons, and learn problem solving and emotional management. This curriculum for parents covers these skills and more so that Spanish speaking families can bridge the gaps between home life and school readiness.

The first study on the implementation of Padres Preparados finished this spring, with great results. Parents felt more confident and less stressed when it came to helping their child. IRIS Educational Media worked with several Head Start centers in Oregon. Our team trained teachers at Head Start to train parents. The centers offered additional support, such as child care and text message reminders to assure parents finished the course.

Watch the video to see an overview of Padres Preparados and how it might be helpful in your community.

If you are interested in learning more about this material, please contact Nell Caraway to learn how your community or organization can help people prepare their child for academic success.