2016 Eugene STEMposium


The IRIS Educational Media production team had a wonderful opportunity to visit a local middle school and participate in a STEMposium.  A STEMposium is an exhibition focused on careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). We were invited by Maria Schaad, STEM Coordinator, to present on video production at the Arts & Technology Academy.  The IRIS team presented several times throughout the day to over 100 students. The team consisted of myself and two members of our video production team, Alex Marquez and Vangie LaRoque. Both Vangie and Alex are skilled directors and producers.

First we gave instructions on how to set up three-point lighting  for an interview.  We showed  the students how lighting can improve the production and illuminate the topic of the interview.

Next, we showed the students how to shoot a scene of dialog with a master shot and then single close ups.  A master shot is a wide shot that includes all actors in the scene and has all frames from beginning to end. A close-up zooms in close to a subject, such as the interviewee.  Each group recorded a short scene with a couple of students and then loaded footage onto school laptops for later use.

Then we took the students on a tour of our grip (the film term for equipment) truck and talked with them about the terminology used in the film industry.  For example, an extension cord is not called an extension cord, rather it is called a “stinger” and a wooden clothespin is a C-47.  We also gave them an introduction to the multipurpose tool called a C-Stand and many other handy production tools.

Finally, we gave the students an opportunity to edit together the scene of dialog we shot during the first half of the workshop.  They used iMovie on their school laptops and they learned to cut on action, pay attention to continuity and also how to do split audio and reaction shots.  There were many “ah ha”  moments, even from the experienced online videographers in the crowd.

It was a real pleasure to work with the students and the wonderful staff at ATA and we were glad they gave us an opportunity to spend the day with them.  IRIS Educational Media looks forward to supporting learning any way we can.