Help Us Win the Small Business Championship!

We need your votes to help us train teachers and parents.

IRIS Educational Media has entered the 2016 American Small Business Championships! This contest is sponsored by SCORE (of the Small Business Administration) and Sam’s Club.

We are thrilled to take part in this celebration of small businesses, and we would love your vote! You can vote up to ten times per day through February 12th.


To enter, IRIS Educational Media needed to answer the question: what would we do with $25,000? After a brainstorming session, we found a way we can have the greatest positive impact on our community for the dollar.

What would IRIS Educational Media do with $25,000?

IRIS Educational Media’s goal is to use our new curriculum, Padres Preparados (Prepared Parents) to guide Latino parents of pre-school children to lower stress and a positive learning environment. Padres Preparados is an 8-week parenting course based on videos and print materials in Spanish. It was developed for use in Head Start centers and other pre-schools serving Spanish speaking families.

The money will sponsor events to train pre-school teachers how to present Padres Preparados to Latino parents. Teachers will coach and support parents on children’s literacy learning, giving effective directions, establishing routines, working out emotions and other family problem-solving skills.

There is a great need for Padres Preparados as people of diverse cultures feel alienated from the school system and children struggle with the burden to bridge the gap between home and school life. Three years of research with over 300 Latino parents show great promise for Padres Preparados in supporting school readiness and family well-being. The grand prize will help disseminate Padres Preparados cutting edge research and learning tools to build Latino family involvement in preschools and community organizations.

Early childhood education is critical to a child’s success. Help us contribute to the success of the next generation by giving teachers and parents the tools they need.

We are very excited for this opportunity and hope you can participate! Thank you again for your support.

Vote now for IRIS Educational Media!