Help Children Who Have Learning Disabilities to Succeed

Editor’s Note: Every holiday season, our company IRIS Ed contributes to non-profits that support students and families. This year we came up with an idea to do more than just give money… we want to also build awareness for an organization. And you can help. You can make a difference in the lives of people who have learning disabilities. Share our message about the National Center for Learning Disabilities on Facebook or Twitter and IRIS Ed will donate $1 to the NCLD in your name.  Happy Holidays from your friends at IRIS Ed!

“School bonds are too expensive,” read the headline for a letter to the editor in our local paper. The author continued, “…am I the only one who believes our children should be taught the three Rs before we furnish them with laptops in grade school?” The author’s attitude is common as communities struggle to fund public schools. He said that if we are taxed in order to fund our public schools then we should only fund the things that are important.  But I wonder who decides what is important? And what if a child is not able to learn the three Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic) because of a learning disability – a neurological disorder that affects the brain’s ability to receive, process, store and respond to information?

GarrettA commonly overlooked point about funding in education is that public schools are committed and bound by law to educate and support students with a wide range of abilities and needs.  Educators report that the gap between what we can afford to provide and what we are bound by law to provide is widening. Children who struggle with learning disabilities need specialized curriculum and technology to support their learning and future success.

There continues to be a greater need to fund private organizations that support and advocate for individuals and families with special needs.  IRIS Ed contributes to non-profit organizations supporting students and families every year, but this year we decided that it isn’t enough to just give money to these organizations. We want to expand public awareness about these organizations and the important work they do.  We hope that people will visit the web page, learn more about the work they do, become an advocate and possibly a contributor as well.

Help us go viral! Share links to our donation page and forward this blog post to friends. We’ll donate $1 per Facebook page share and $1 per tweet per person. We’ve got a big heart but we’re a small company, so we’ll have to limit this to $500 total donation this year. In January, we’ll be sending a check to NCLD, so please help us now!