Welcome to irisEd Focus

Welcome to IRIS Educational Media’s new multi-author blog focusing on K-12 schools. IRIS Ed is a behavioral research and development firm that creates evidence-based professional development for educators, parents and direct support professionals.

This is a great opportunity to communicate with the education community about topics that are meaningful to us: supporting teachers and students, creating positive and healthy school climates, and using technology, media and the internet to assist in these goals.

This blog will publish articles about schools, teaching, learning, educational research, professional development, supporting teachers, student behavior, special education, the use of technology in learning, and other thoughtful essays that pertain to the world of K-12 schools. We are also interested in the prevention of bullying, classroom management, school improvement and reform, PBIS, cultural responsibility, diversity and equity, and investing in education. What topics would you like to see addressed? Please add a comment with your ideas.

Our intention is to make this an open place for conversations, an arena where people can come together and discuss lots of opinions. We welcome comments; they are a great way to join in the conversation. IRIS Ed reserves the right to publish, edit or delete any comments. Articles and opinions posted on this blog reflect the opinions of the authors, not IRIS Ed.

So let’s get started. Education is the foundation for the skills that we use every waking moment. We all have people in our past who taught us our skills: how to speak, how to read, and how to behave. Those people are teachers!